Investing in tomorrow’s disruptive technologies

Tareo Digital Strategy

We have 80+ years of combined experience in identifying winners and losers of disruption while managing risk.

To create outsized investor returns with limited volatility and risk, we’ve created a best of breed investment strategy that thoughtfully balances our portfolio across venture capital investing, quantitative strategy and distressed asset investing.

We recognize risk management as the cornerstone of our portfolio management, while maintaining a thorough diligence process and high investment bar. We are targeting top decile traditional venture capital investment returns.

Our deep advisor network spans the globe, giving us the capability to dictate attractive investment terms in company equity that the greater investor community is unable to access.

Our institutional grade infrastructure provides a level of security significantly higher than other investment funds focused on blockchain and digital currencies.

Tareo Digital Innovations Fund

Tareo Capital Management LP (“Tareo”) will seek to drive absolute returns uncorrelated with the market by using its 80+ years of experience to identify the winners and losers of disruption

Identify investable disruptive technologies poised to drive revolutionary change

Using Proprietary quantitative algorithms with learning artificial intelligence we will opportunistically take advantage of significant arbitrage opportunities and help mitigate risk

As an incubator investor and advisor, Tareo will have an early look at leading Initial Security Token Offerings, greater token discounts, and equity investment opportunities

80+ years of combined investment experience

Significant Blockchain product and digital advisory experience

Institutional quality infrastructure

Industry leading risk management capabilities with cybersecurity insurance

Industry leading quantitative artificial intelligence based strategy

Custodian with SEC and FINRA Approval pending

Engagement with a top 4 auditor and top 5 administrator

Institutional quality trading platform provides tools necessary to execute Tareo Digital Investment Strategy

Significant partnering with global digital OTC trading desks coupled with mining operation provides improved access to volume

Tareo Digital Mining

Computer Bitcoin

Tareo Global Healthcare Fund

Tareo Capital Management LP (“Tareo”) will use Joel Emery’s 20 plus years of identifying winners and losers across the global healthcare sector and seek to generate leading absolute returns uncorrelated with the market.

Long/short equity fund focused on the global healthcare sector

Identify investable disruptive technologies poised to drive accelerating growth and strategic business model inflection

Alpha generation from shorts is a core philosophy at Tareo

Primary U.S based and developed international publicly traded equities

Access to leading late-stage private investment opportunities

Analyst-driven fundamentally based research model with rigorous top-down risk management

Proven, repeatable research process

Expected investment horizon is 6-24 months

Opportunities will take advantage of short-term volatility

Fund is managed by Joel Emery with a strong investment team

Cohesive Investment team who have either worked together previously or have been a long-term relationship

Team members have driven positive performance across various strategies within the healthcare sector

Anchor investment commitments of $100M with a 2 year lock-up

Industry leading compliance blockchain software

Capital contribution by the founding partner with be a significant proportion of his liquid net worth

Portfolio Lion

The Future of Healthcare Delivery

Lab on Chip, Single device 170+ pathological test
Portable device, for Rural and home service
Telemedicine, consult with MeFy doctor anytime, anywhere
AI, Not just an interpretation but know your complete health insight
Mobile Apps, connected to cloud and health data is on your palm

Multiple Product

– One Platform –

One Goal

Health on Chip, help understand patient body and vitals
NIBTA, scan for surface cancer, WBC, cholesterol or glucose
NIAG, Get rid of painful angiography or CT Angiography

— Key design principles —

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) first
  • Blockchain led platform to enable anytime, anywhere access in the most secured way
  • User centric
  • Internet of things (IoT) on one single platform
  • Integrated applications
  • Position MeFy Edge clinic and MeFy Nano clinic as state-of-the-art healthcare services delivery centres


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The Tareo Funds may modify their investment approach and portfolio parameters in the future without notice to the investors in a manner that Tareo  believes is consistent with the Tareo Funds’ overall investment objectives.

An investment in the Tareo Funds is speculative and involves a high degree of risk. Investments will be concentrated in a single industry. Opportunities for  withdrawals/redemptions and transferability of interests/shares of the Tareo Funds will be restricted, so investors may not have access to capital when it is  needed. No secondary market for the interests/shares of the Tareo Funds is expected to develop. Leverage may be employed in the portfolio, which can  make investment performance volatile. An investor should not make an investment unless it is prepared to lose all or a substantial portion of its investment.  The fees and expenses charged in connection with this investment may be higher than the fees and expenses of other investment alternatives and may  offset profits.

The investment examples highlighted in this presentation are presented solely to illustrate the experience of the Tareo investment team.

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